White Gold Gladiator Rings

Gladiator Rings

You will hear the roar of the crowd when you wear a gladiator ring. The wide band rings that graze the knuckle were inspired by open-work gladiator sandals. Like their namesake, the women who wear them are a kind of warrior; a style warrior!

The look is a combination of Goth and Rock-and-Roll. Gladiator rings are cool. They are edgy and trendy. Open and airy, they are at-once restrained and wild. Check out styles with intersecting ovals paved with diamonds. Get a glimpse at an elongated “X” embellished with gemstones. Take a peek at a four-tier diamond dotted geometric design that lace up your finger. White, yellow and rose gold precious metals are outstanding options. Gladiator rings are shapely and sexy.

The gladiator ring has a specific design that is finding its niche in mainstream fashion. It has a measure of celebrity. Are they the shape of things to come in your jewelry box? The answer is yes, if you want to hear from an approving audience.

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