Band Designer Righthand Rings

Diamond Rings for the Right Hand

Today’s women have independent spirits and are empowered economically; they do not have to wait to receive a diamond ring from someone else (though that is always a most-welcomed gift)! The hot trend of right-hand rings shows where their heads – and hearts – are. With a pride in who they are and what they have accomplished, they have chosen to display their individuality with a symbol on the fourth finger of their right-hand. The right-hand ring may have a diamond or gemstone, and be of virtually any style, from subtle to bold.

Let’s face it: everyone deserves a little bling, married or not! A right-hand ring presents a wonderful way to commemorate a special life event. A diverse collection is available, with pieces crafted in sterling silver, and white, yellow and rose gold. Choose from cluster, cocktail and dome rings. Select a hook, wave or stackable, as well as two-stone and three-, five-, seven- and nine-row rings. Gold and diamond gladiator rings offer interlocking, criss-cross, loop and infinity designs.

Jewelry designers the world over are embracing the right-hand ring fashion. You will find heart and floral motifs and an assortment of widths. Check out the Forevermark diamond cluster ring and a convertible white gold and diamond ring from Stephen Webster’s Thorn collection. Look at the slim bands designed by Zoe Chicco embellished with diamonds; one has a baguette in east-west position, while the other sparkles with a V-formation. See how comfortable the Phillips House yellow gold flexible chain link band, part of the Affair collection, appears. The photo invites you to try it on!

Raise your right hand if you want a right-hand ring!

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