Bez Ambar Blaze Diamond Jewelry

The force of Ambar's designs comes from his background in art. Prior to his obsession with the art of jewelry design Bez Ambar pursued a career as an artist. He studied painting and sculpture in London. When asked why he switched his focus to jewelry he replied, Beautiful women do not wear paintings.

Bez sensed that most of the jewelry industry is completely outdated and out of touch. The product is created only with commercial objectives and the end result is completely forgotten, likewise the end user. Women who wear high fashion cannot find jewelry to match the slickness and the style of their clothing. Bez's designs are fashion-forward yet they transcend the boundaries of fads and trends, appealing to the sleek and sophisticated woman who expresses a unique personal style with that extra edge. They celebrate today's woman and her many facets: the professional, the romantic, the sex goddess and the super heroine.
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