Honora Pearl Earrings

Honora Pearl Earrings

Honora Pearls

Lend your ears to some fabulous freshwater cultured pearl earrings from Honora! The fashion brand features studs, dangles, drops and hoops. Never wonder what earring you will wear on any given day when you have a gift box or set!

A complete kaleidoscope of colors are available, including white, blush, peach, green, teal blue, purple, gray, black and more! Find button, baroque ringed and coin pearls as the sole gems in earrings, and also in pairs working in concert with gemstones like black onyx, agate Druzy, smoky quartz and pyrite, as well as black sapphire.

Honora Pearl sterling silver earrings go with everything! Wear them to work, school, out for dinner, on a date and more. They go with you wherever you are!

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