Roberto Coin Dubai Collection

Roberto Coin Dubai Collection

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Rose gold stars in the Dubai collection. Intricately woven threads of 18kt gold co-star. And brilliant white round diamonds have a cameo!

You will see Barocco and Art Nouveau influences in the designs. In statement earrings and awe-inspiring necklaces. In graceful bracelets and flexible rings. The pieces are marked by marquise-shaped openwork. They dazzle. They shimmer. They are impressively crafted works of art. Jewelry of the Renaissance and Jazz Age made modern.

Roberto Coin has done The City of Gold proud. This collection is romantic, and will complement all tones of skin and gold. It is as memorable as the city for which it is named!

Each piece has a small ruby set inside. This is Roberto Coin’s gift to his clients. Peace, long life, health and happiness are the sentiments shared in the gemstone.

When you wear a piece of Roberto Coin jewelry, you display beauty. You are elegant. You are feminine. You are special.

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