May 2014

South Florida Authorized Rolex Repair & Certified Pre-Owned Rolex

By Nina Glaser May 29, 2014
Watches have been a status symbol since their invention, and may just be the most important accessory in a man’s wardrobe. Timepieces make a strong statement about the wearer; people look at watches to determine social position, educational level, taste and wealth

May’s Birthstone, the Emerald: It’s Not Easy Being Green…

By Nina Glaser May 22, 2014
Emeralds have been among the most valuable of all gems on earth for 4,000 years. The most famous member of the Beryl family of stone-rocks, they are mined in the ground and have a timeless appeal that has spanned generations. An emerald’s journey from the mine to a store involves tons of earth and countless hours of labor.

South Florida Jewelers’ Diamonds of Distinction

By Nina Glaser May 20, 2014
One of the best-known and most sought-after gemstones they are highly regarded for their exquisite beauty. Diamonds are the most precious and enduring of all gemstones in the world, and have a universal appeal.

Michele & Philip Stein Watch Straps: Summer Colors 2014

By Nina Glaser May 15, 2014
The summer season also means color, texture, comfort and style in all areas of your life -- including your accessories. And the wristwatch just might be one of the most novel – and certainly necessary – fashion accessories you can purchase.

Roberto Coin’s Dubai Collection: Coming to J.R. Dunn Jewelers

By Nina Glaser May 8, 2014
Roberto Coin designs for the most demanding jewelry collectors... “Culture and art…are the root of every single piece I create. And to my dreams…

Engagement Rings Boca Raton & Miami - Where to Shop?

By Sean Dunn May 5, 2014

Guys, if you are getting ready to pop the question or your fiancee to be wants to test drive a few rings it is important to have a game plan.