June 2016

Jewelry of John Hardy - The Craftsmanship of Ancient Bali

By Zack Rogers June 29, 2016
John Hardy Jewelry for Women

I dare you... Ask anyone, at any given time, "what would you rather be doing right now?" and I bet the answer is somewhere along the lines of a living postcard. Hear the palm fronds swaying and subtle crash of waves against ultra fine white sand.

Under any other circumstances I'd be painting a picture of beautiful sunny Lighthouse Point, FL, where J.R. Dunn Jewelers is nestled away; but today I'm talking about a place commonly referred to as paradise: Bali.

Time honored craftsmanship is a.....

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Fishing Trip Inspires Jewelry for Wounded Warrior Anglers

By Nina Glaser June 28, 2016
Wounded Warrior Anglers Necklace Medallion

When Jim Dunn, co-owner of J.R. Dunn Jewelers in Lighthouse Point, FL boarded the Helen S VI on Thursday, May 12, 2016, as a sponsor of the 51st Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo’s Wounded Warrior Anglers Tournament, he had no idea that the day spent fishing with wounded veterans would inspire him to create a lasting memento: a pendant of the Wounded Warrior Anglers logo suspended from a black cord.

“I was inspired by the commitment to our country that the men and women I met have,” said Dunn. “They faced life-changing injuries, and....

Love is Love: Engagement Rings Receive Gender Equality

By Nina Glaser June 22, 2016
Men's Engagement Rings

Love is love, no matter what your sexual preference is. People are proposing to people, with partnerships recognized by engagement rings. The presentation of a man’s engagement ring, or to use a fairly newly coin phrase, a mens engagement ring, is becoming increasingly popular.

A mens engagement rings openly declares your status as one-half of a committed couple and intent to marry. It is a symbol, a sentiment and a very special piece of jewelry. Assorted styles, from....

6 Fun Facts About Pearls

By Nina Glaser June 14, 2016

How much do you know about pearls? Learn some interesting fun facts from points about Mikimoto pearls to some historic significance of the gemstone.

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A Tribal Influence - Marco Bicego Masai Collection

By Nina Glaser June 9, 2016
Marco Bicego Masai Bracelets

Travel is often what inspires a Marco Bicego jewelry collection, and the designer’s new Masai jewelry is no exception. The sleek, beautifully textured 18kt pieces are reminiscent of the ornamentation of the African tribe. Master artisans layer hand-coiled strands of gold together using the corda di chitarra technique to hand-craft the new collection, which is an extension of the Marco Bicego Goa and Marrakech lines, where coil is also an icon.

Masai earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings can stand...

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A John Hardy Classic Goes Modern: Modern Chain Collection

By Nina Glaser June 6, 2016
John Hardy Modern Chain Collection

The latest collection to represent an extension of the John Hardy Classic Chain collection is coming out: Modern Chain. The new design is a refinement and re-imagining of the John Hardy icon, a legacy and timeless heirloom.

The reinterpreted classic continues...

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Chopard Rolls Out Its Excusive Grand Prix Themed Collection

By Lane Nieset June 6, 2016

The world may be gearing up to watch the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix next week, but Chopard has already played timekeeper at another one of the principality’s prestigious events this month—the 10th Monaco Historic Grand Prix. Held every two years on the streets of Monaco on the Côte d’Azur, the three-day classic car race, which ran from May 13-15, is one of Europe’s best.

The principality turns into an urban race track with drivers...

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The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Watch Has Arrived

By Zack Rogers June 3, 2016
Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze

For those of you who tick to the sound of manufacture movements and gaze endlessly at the meticulous brush strokes that grace the finish of a Swiss watch case, then you will be in awe when you catch a glimpse of the latest model to leave the hands of Tudor’s master watch makers… Say hello to the new Heritage Black Bay - Bronze!

Within a stunning bronze case beats a mechanical movement, crafted completely...

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