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5 Ways to Find Out Her Ring Size Without Letting Her Know

By Jenna Fish May 9, 2017

Proposing to your one and only can be nerve-wracking enough—planning all the little details of the proposal to make it a memorable moment that will last a lifetime. The last thing you want is for her to say yes to spending forever with you, but be unable to slip the ring over her knuckle.

Most brides imagine this moment being a surprise, leaving you in the position to guess their ring size. The most accurate way to size a ring is....

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How to Purchase Your First Luxury Watch

By Nina Glaser September 6, 2016
luxury watches

So you've decided to buy your first luxury watch! What to buy and where to buy may seem complicated, but with a bit of thinking and research you can be well-armed to get the most value for your money. You have a lot of options, from entry-level to mid-range and high-end luxury models, all of which will exhibit an enviable quality, workmanship, attention-to-detail and style that will endure for years to come.

Think of a watch as a way for you to express yourself. Your selection is a personal choice; an extension of...

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6 Fun Facts About Pearls

By Nina Glaser June 14, 2016

How much do you know about pearls? Learn some interesting fun facts from points about Mikimoto pearls to some historic significance of the gemstone.

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What is an Eternity Band? The Ring She Will Wear Forever!

By Nina Glaser November 13, 2015
An eternity band is a ring she will want to wear forever! The ring features a simple and beautiful line of gemstones, usually in the same shape and size, set in precious metal.
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What Diamond Cut Makes a Diamond Look Bigger?

By Nina Glaser August 9, 2015
Crisscut diamond differenceWhen you are ready to pop the question, you want something that looks large and luxurious. Like a L’Amour Crisscut! These engagement rings are a cut above! In their beauty. And their brilliance. The cut is unique, in shape and appearance. Fifty fabulous facets grace each gem. The result? Plenty of sparkle. As well as an ample appearance! There are a number of collections to choose from. Each one of them is as individual as she is! When love is in the air, give her an exquisite expression of your love. Give her a L’Amour Crisscut. She will love you for it!
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What is the Right Necklace Length for Me?

By Nina Glaser & Lauren Paletz April 21, 2015
Necklace Length

The long and short of necklace lengths: the right measurement will showcase jewelry, accentuate features and frame the face. 

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How to Buy an Emerald

By Nina Glaser March 17, 2015
Prized and meaningful to generations across all cultures, the emerald has been revered, with powerful traits attributed to it, from eloquence of speech to fertility, fidelity, good luck, honesty, intelligence, love, rebirth and victories over trial and war.
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Secrets of the Jewelry Trade

By Nina Glaser March 13, 2015
Jewelry buying

Have you ever wanted to get "the inside scoop" on the jewelry industry? Now you can enter the world of gold, diamonds and colored gems, uncovering classified information, learning the what’s, why’s and how’s from a well-established and trusted source within the trade that can help you shop smarter.

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From Mikimoto to Honora: The Pure Perfection of Pearls

By Nina Glaser February 17, 2015
Pearls are some of the oldest gems on the planet have been objects of beauty for centuries…and are still sought-after. They have been called “the queen of gems,” associated with wealth, royalty, elegance and glamour across milennia and cultures.
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How to Attach a Philip Stein Watch Strap

By Sean Dunn January 24, 2014