Celebrating 40 Years of John Hardy Classic Chain

By Nina Glaser June 14, 2015
John Hardy 40th Anniversary Bracelets


John Hardy marks its 40th anniversary in 2015 and is commemorating the occasion with new Limited-Edition 40th Anniversary Classic Chain Bracelets. Leave it to the designers at John Hardy to know how to reinvent an iconic collection in such interesting ways! Options range from the delicate to the dramatic, with beautiful braids and with gemstone accents.

The woven bracelets are adorned with colored gemstone push clasps, with patterns that echo the weave of the recycled sterling silver woven chain. Semi-precious stones include amethyst, tsavorite and a variety of colored sapphires. The Balinese jewelry technique used to craft the collection with an instantly recognizable construction is known as rentai, a centuries-old hand-weaving process that meticulously heats and forms a supple drape of precious metal. The tightly knit community of skilled artisans working on the John Hardy compound today have preserved part of the past, creating these bracelets just like the goldsmiths of the ancient Balinese courts while fashioning fabulous jewelry for the present and future!

You can wear your Classic Chain bracelet every day; it’s built for comfort and endurance. You can layer and stack, and mix and match, making your own unique statement.

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