Ear Climbers & Ear Cuffs | Jewelry Trends 2014

By Sean Dunn November 18, 2014

By far and away the most dramatic jewelry trend of 2014 is body jewelry. While most of us will never be brave enough to wear a piece of jewelry that connects our waistline to our neckline, there are other styles of body jewelry like ear climbers and cuffs that could easily find their way into the modern jewelry fashionista's wardrobe. Often times these trends create a huge buzz at the jewelry shows only to fizzle in your local jewelers showcases and go on sale the next year. We do feel there is a difference with body jewelry though. From the simplest of terms it is just downright sexy. Have a look at the latest campaign featuring a bracelet-ring combo from Casato, an up and coming Italian jeweler with stunning style.

Casato Jewelry

Of course the model in the Casato campaign is gorgeous but who wouldn't look amazing with their hair pulled back in their LBD with stunning pair of chandelier earrings or ear climbers.  Now the cool thing about this new Ear Climber and Cuff trend is it does not have to be always so dressy or dramatic.  In fact there is a pair of ear climbers from Rina Limor that can be worn daily.  They certainly make a statement but are SFW (safe for work).  We think these Diamond Vine Earrings are going to be huge hit and are already the single most viewed designer jewelry item on the J.R.Dunn Jewelers website. They come in large and small sizes and are a dream to wear in terms of comfort.

Gorgeous earrings and ring/bracelet combo from Casato.

Ear Climbers Amazing Vine Earrings From Rina Limor. Available at JRDunn.com $3395.

Stay tuned for more pictures of ear climbers and cuffs as we are receiving all of goodies for upcoming Holiday Season at J.R.Dunn. Like what you see don't hesitate to call one of our amazing team member at 866-362-5787.

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