How to Attach a Philip Stein Watch Strap

By Sean Dunn January 24, 2014

Learning how to change a watchstrap is a cinch, once you know how. Here are quick step-by-step instructions on how to update your watch in less than two minutes flat.

1. First place the watch face side down on a soft surface, as to not scratch the face of the watch.

2. Firmly hold the face of the watch down with your fingers and remove one side of the watchstrap by pinching in the sides closest to the top and gently pulling away from the face of the watch.

3. Once you’ve removed the first strap, turn the watch around and repeat steps 1-2.

4. Choose your replacement strap, (deciding which color, is the hardest part!) pinch the sides, gently push the strap  into place on either side of the watch face. Once you hear a click you know it’s secure.

5. Lastly, put on your new watch, fasten the buckle and enjoy your new look! Now you can change your look as often as you change your mind with Philip Stein interchangeable watch straps available at J.R. Dunn.


Watch Strap How To Guide Watch Strap How To Guide Watch Strap How To Guide


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