How to Care for Your Diamond Ring

By Gail Fero December 18, 2015

Caring for your Diamond Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring

Over the course of time, your diamond can be dulled by exposure to everyday substances. To prevent this, don’t allow the buildup to become too severe. When cleaning your diamond ring, avoid chemicals or harmful solutions, as they can damage the metals and weaken the structure of your ring. Use warm, soapy water with liquid soap. For a more intense clean, find a soft toothbrush, or a child’s toothbrush, and gently work around the stone and setting. Don’t be too rough with the cleaning, and dry with a lint-free cloth. For special occasions you can have your diamond ring professionally cleaned for that added glint.

Diamond Heart Ring

While diamonds are the hardest of gemstones, they are not indestructible and still require care. Engagement and wedding rings are most vulnerable to being lost or damaged because of their daily use. Though the diamond is lauded as being hardy, this can make people less careful with their diamond rings even when they are often the pieces of jewelry with the most sentimental value and are, therefore, the most precious. The upkeep of your diamond ring will help ensure its value and integrity are preserved.

Keep your diamond ring shiny with regular cleaning.

Two Stone Diamond Ring

Over time, your diamond ring will be bumped, smacked and hit in your everyday movements. Though your ring should be able to withstand most of those sorts of experiences, you should schedule regular checkups with your jeweler. Prongs are especially vulnerable, and when they become loose, you are in danger of losing your stone. At your checkup, the jeweler can ascertain the strength of the setting and tighten it up for better security when necessary. This is a highly advised preventative measure to keep your diamond ring intact.

If you keep it clean, secure and insured, your ring will sparkle for a lifetime and last for generations.

Yellow Diamond Ring

Like anything else that gets worn or used daily, diamond rings can be lost, damaged, or stolen. Don’t wait for that to happen before you realize how valuable jewelry insurance can be. Buying insurance for your diamond ring can be easy and straightforward. Don’t assume that your general insurance covers your ring adequately. Look into your policy and seriously consider a separate policy for your precious jewelry. Accidents happen, but they don’t need to set you back financially.

Caring for your diamond ring requires attention and thoughtfulness. If you keep it clean, secure, and insured, your ring will sparkle for a lifetime and last for generations beyond.

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