A John Hardy Classic Goes Modern: Modern Chain Collection

By Nina Glaser June 6, 2016
John Hardy Modern Chain Collection

The latest collection to represent an extension of the John Hardy Classic Chain collection is coming out: Modern Chain. The new design is a refinement and re-imagining of the John Hardy icon, a legacy and timeless heirloom.

The reinterpreted classic continues the Classic Chain story, with chapters for men and women. Men’s bracelets in the Modern Chain collection casts pieces to resemble the original rentai (Balinese for woven) technique, a centuries-old hand-weaving process that takes several days. Women’s pieces in Modern Chain feature supple chain coupled with an innovative new link. The result is a symmetrical, luminous, expressive pattern. John Hardy Modern Chain collection jewelry is contemporary and boldly elegant!

You will find karat gold or sterling silver links that have been flattened and slimmed down. Gemstone embellishments for women’s earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings will include white diamond and black sapphire gemstones. Men’s bracelets are being crafted in sterling silver, and sterling silver with a gold clasp.

The masterful artisanship of Balinese craftspeople is carried along through the evolution of John Hardy design. The luminous line extension that is Modern Chain is extraordinary. The latest addition has a beauty that is powerful, dramatic and inspiring.

Look for the John Hardy Modern Chain collection at select retailers and the John Hardy web site this summer.

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