John Hardy Reinvents Collections for 2015

By Nina Glaser February 25, 2015
Bamboo Jewelry Collection

Sustainable luxury scion John Hardy has conceived new looks of pattern, texture and rhythm for pieces in the Bamboo, Naga and Palu collections, and bid adieu to children’s jewelry. Adult men and women all over the world can rejoice about the newly created styles crafted by an imaginative team of highly skilled artisans.

One-of-a-kind John Hardy jewelry is crafted one-at-a-time and by-hand, using a traditional jewelry-making techniques that’s been employed for seven centuries and is indigenous to the island of Bali. The current production team is descended from the kings of the island nation of Bali.

Each season, up to 200 styles are created. Imagination, ingenuity and inventiveness are ongoing processes. John Hardy jewelry designs are always rich and diverse, inspired by the Balinese people, nature, culture and religion. The motifs continue to share the stories of tradition, and the brand’s ever-present precision sculpting of nature shines through. All of the jewelry is ethically made and meticulously crafted, with pieces between three and 10 months in-the-making! The eco-friendly company uses only 100% recycled silver.

Bamboo is central to the Balinese way of life, figuring prominently in building, decoration and food. The John Hardy Bamboo collection pieces continue to have a contemporary style and earthy feel, gracefully paying tribute to the tree-like grass of beauty, strength and versatility. The new jewelry displays those characteristics, with various shapes and textures of the stem evident in the more narrow, multi-branch and crossover designs seen for spring 2015. The iconic core collection features items bamboo motif items that have been updated in beautiful 18kt yellow and rose gold, with some pieces that incorporate diamonds. You’ll see reeds that twist, layer and intertwine in bracelets, including cuffs with a modern interpretation that feature semi-precious stones, such as blue sapphires, black sapphires and diamonds; rings that wrap, bend and twist; and hoop earrings with sculptural arcs. The newest addition to the collection for men is a pair of woven half barrel cufflinks with a distinctive thatched design. Every purchase of an item in the collection plants bamboo seedlings in Bali to fight deforestation, help maintain the water table and offsets carbon emissions, thanks to an initiative established in 2006; the number of trees planted by a portion of the proceeds is inscribed on the jewelry and featured in the

John Hardy Dragon Scale Bracelet

John Hardy catalog. You can see the impressive sterling silver bamboo cuff in the advertising campaign with “the face of John Hardy,” model Cara Delevigne (including other standouts for the season!).

The Naga collection made its debut in 2008 as the first figurative piece for John Hardy, quickly becoming the second most popular assortment in the United States. Today, John Hardy admirers and collectors may choose from abstract and figurative interpretations of the revered design, whether depicting full-bodied dragons, smiling heads or sensual and stylized scales.

John Hardy Naga jewelry is created in a seven-step process, from hand-drawn designs and gouache drawings to 3-D renderings, wax carving, master casting, molding wax tree and silver tree.

Richly detailed Naga Scale and Two Tone jewelry present an exotic take on an elegant classic. The pieces are powerful and commanding, showcasing more open-work, harder-edged and geometric jewelry than before, with an array of sharp and curved links. They’re also more suggestive in their design than previously seen, with silhouettes that hint at dragon scales. There’s a bit of a cross-over as well, with signature chain engraving within the interior of the Scale Bracelet. The 18kt gold and sterling silver precious metals provide a laid-back luxury, working together in perfect harmony, much like the dragon and his one true love, the pearl, whose story is the basis for the Naga line.

According to the legend of the Naga, the dragon leaves his volcanic perch each night to dive into the sea to visit the pearl, sealing their date with a kiss before climbing out of the water to return to his peak. Along the way, the water that drips from his scales feeds the rice fields, resulting in a plentiful harvest. Because of this, the Naga is revered by the farmers who feel, and benefit from, his support, and has become a symbol of love, prosperity and protection; with the John Hardy talisman providing the same to those who wear a piece from the magnificent jewelry collection. Luck will be granted to all who wear Naga: protection from evil when the dragon faces out; blessings of affection and wealth when facing the wearer.

The softly-textured Palu collection is produced during an intense creative process by husband-and-wife teams of artisans. The wife holds the piece over the ire to soften the material as the husband hammers the metal. The collaborative relationship can be seen and felt within the piece.

John Hardy Palu Jewelry Set

We think you’ll love the new Palu pieces to the moon and back! The collection, aptly named for the Indonesian word for “hammer,” is luxuriously understated, romantic, sophisticated and tactile. While forever fashioned to resemble the beautiful mottling found on the moon’s surface, with a smoothly textured finish where light and shadow play together, items in the 2015 spring collection have been crafted with moon quartz and blue chalcedony stones; talk about lunar-like sheen! Hammered metal pairs with the gems and braided bezel in sterling silver pieces that feature the collection’s signature discs. Make your selection from rings, bracelets and earrings.

Remember: just because John Hardy has discontinued its children’s jewelry line, that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy that special baby, little boy or girl a John Hardy original to grow into! After all, the word jewelry originates from the Latin word “jocale,” which means “plaything.” Jewelry was born to protect and decorate; there’s just less liability when presented to someone when they won’t swallow or suck on it, or be put in peril by sharp, pointy edges or long necklaces!

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