Lightning Ridge Opal Sparks Ring Design

By Nina Glaser September 1, 2015
Opal Ring

No two opals are alike. Each stone has its own pattern and colors, something that is prized by jewelry designer Robert Pelliccia. He was inspired by a 4.31 round opal to create a radiant 18kt white gold ring. The colors of the gem, from Lightning Ridge, Australia, shine through the milky white stone. It, and the pattern, changes with the angle of view.

The piece features a diamond halo and pair of baguettes. The fire and ice are surrounded with stunning stones. Green tsavorites, and blue hues of aquamarine and topaz. A sculpted band is accented with a single diamond on each side.

Lightning Ridge is a town in north-western New South Wales that is world-renowned for opal mining. Lightning Ridge lies in part of the Great Australian Basin, formed when dinosaurs walked the earth.

The Lightning Ridge mines, named for spectacular lightning storms in the area, have more than 40 years experience in the opal industry. It is a celebrated source of opal.

You can see and feel the artist’s dedication and passion in the Lightning Ridge Opal ring. The piece is beautiful. It combines form, function and fashion!

Pelliccia’s work is widely recognized. He has been honored with many awards. He is driven by a quest for the new. Satisfaction is as close as the next piece of jewelry.

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