Marco Bicego at Baselworld 2015 with Lunaria Aqua

By Nina Glaser March 26, 2015
Marco Bicego Lunaria

Internationally acclaimed jewelry designer Marco Bicego showcased some changes to established collections and unveiled impressive one-of-a-kinds at Baselworld 2015.  

His best-selling Lunaria collection was strengthened through a colorful extension via sea-green aquamarine gemstone – “Lunaria Aqua” – as well as diamonds, while the layered-look Paradise, celebrating 15 years in the market, got a fresh update with larger stones.

The designer’s one-of-a-kinds, which has been a consistent theme for the show, included gemstones like African amethyst, sapphire slices, tanzanite and tourmalines, to name a few, set in 18kt yellow gold.

Lunaria is a collection that celebrates nature, Bicego’s muse. The organically-shaped pieces were inspired by feather-thin leaves and flower petals blowing in the wind.

The Paradise collection gracefully combines yellow gold chains, hand-engraved golden beads and a colorful explosion of gems joining together in perfect harmony. As the designer’s advertising shares, “Every emotion has a color.”

Emotion is a strong component in all the hand-crafted jewelry of the passionate Bicego. So are precision and technology.

All Marco Bicego pieces are ever-evolving fantasies. They are hand-finished with the time-honored Bullino technique, blending old-world tradition with contemporary design.

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