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Mine Diamonds vs Man Made Diamonds the Real Difference

By Ciara Johnson June 16, 2017

Mined DiamondsDiamonds have been considered an exceptionally valuable commodity that has been mined and traded for many centuries. They first found commercial notoriety in India during the 4th century BC, the diamond capital moved from India to Brazil during the 1700s and then to South Africa where the infamous Kimberley Mine was found in 1866. Through the years, the diamond industry has experienced many evolutionary and revolutionary changes in the way we use diamonds and in more recent years there has been innovations in how they are being created; from the mine to the laboratory. In the mid-1950s scientists started growing man-made diamonds but were.....

Marco Bicego Diamond Lunaria Collection Dazzles

By Dan Gerrell April 7, 2016
Marco Bicego Diamond Lunaria Bracelets

How do you take a special collection like Lunaria and make it even more so? If you’re Marco Bicego, you add dazzling diamond gemstones and elements of 18kt white gold! As with so many of his collections, nature was Bicego’s muse in the design of the Lunaria collection. Pieces honor the Lunaria flower, noted for its petals that are hand-embossed and hand-etched with a satin finish. Bulino, an ancient Italian goldsmith technique, leaves...

How to Buy Natural Colored Dazzling Diamonds

By Carol Besler December 11, 2015
 Yellow Heart Diamond Heart Earrings

Diamonds are the hardest of all gemstones and therefore reflect light with a brilliance that outshines allothers. Among these, colored diamonds have emerged as a favorite, particularly among jewelry lovers who like to assert their individuality. Colored diamonds are rare, but yellow diamonds are among the most readily available natural colored diamonds on the market. Yet even these are rare: for every colored diamond found.....

Finding the Perfect Diamond

By Naomi Shaw June 12, 2015
Finding the Perfect Diamond InfographHow do you get the best bling for your buck with an independently certified diamond? Our diamond buying info-graph can help.

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