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How to Purchase Your First Luxury Watch

By Nina Glaser September 6, 2016
luxury watches

So you've decided to buy your first luxury watch! What to buy and where to buy may seem complicated, but with a bit of thinking and research you can be well-armed to get the most value for your money. You have a lot of options, from entry-level to mid-range and high-end luxury models, all of which will exhibit an enviable quality, workmanship, attention-to-detail and style that will endure for years to come.

Think of a watch as a way for you to express yourself. Your selection is a personal choice; an extension of...

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Tag Heuer Watch Sets Record Sale Price At Auction

By Nina Glaser May 17, 2016
Vintage Tag Heuer Carrera Watch

A vintage 18kt gold Tag Heuer Carrera chronometer steeped in history fetched 10 times its estimated value at the Sotheby’s Important Watches Auction on Saturday, May 14, 2016.

The timepiece, a Calibre 12 Manufacture, with date, previously owned by Swedish Formula One race car driver Ronnie Peterson, sold for a record....

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Shinola Watches an American Built, Swiss Quality Watch

By Nina Glaser November 20, 2015

The four-year-old American luxury lifestyle brand Shinola is an American success story. Since its founding in 2011, business has been booming! Housed in Detroit’s historic Argonaut building, built by General Motors in 1928, the state-of-the-art watch factory and corporate headquarters takes up 30,000 square feet of space. Here, a workforce...

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Chopard Mille Miglia GTXL GMT | 2008 Basel Update

By Sean Dunn February 4, 2008

Breitling for Bentley GMT Chronometer Chronograph | Basel 2008

By Sean Dunn February 4, 2008

Why it's better idea to pay $430 to service your Breitling Watch at an Authorized Service Center versus only $275 at XYZ Jewelers?

By Sean Dunn October 8, 2007

Anthony's Top Ten Myths About Automatic Watches

By Sean Dunn July 28, 2007