Top Twelve Ways To Wear a Long Necklace

By Sean Dunn September 8, 2007

When purchasing jewelry I love to make sure I can get a ton of use from that one piece. It is just the nature of the beast, women like to get as many looks from a piece of jewelry that we can. So, here are some cool styles you might not have thought about when wearing that long chain necklace or pearl strand.

Ways to Wear a Necklace

Yes, this is ONE necklace, the necklace used was an 14k white gold 'Diamonds By The Yard' chain measuring 52 inches. Now, depending on your size, you can use a necklace that is a little longer or a bit shorter. The model used here is of a small frame and is 5'4' tall. The pendant is a heart pendant created by our own designer Robert Pelliccia. We recommend when purchasing a pendant to create these looks, that the bail on the pendant opens so you can place the pendant anywhere on the chain.

Note the picture where our model is wearing the necklace over her shoulder. This might seem a little strange but it is actually hot look in Europe these days!

Stay tuned for more cool ideas.

Happy Shopping!

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