Wedding Ring Styles for Every Man from Lashbrook Designs

By Nina Glaser August 3, 2016
Lashbrook Men's Rings

Stand out in a crowd with a ring or wedding band from Lashbrook Designs, an American company that designs and manufactures standout bridal jewelry for men!

Lashbrook Rings for Men

Whatever your style, there is a Lashbrook ring that will fit, and fit comfortably! Tens of thousands of different men’s wedding bands, created from more than 10 different performance metals, are designed and produced in the brand’s state-of-the-art production facility in Utah. Alternative metals include a space-grade titanium alloy, carbon fiber, cobalt chrome, zirconium, mokume gane (Japanese for wood grain metal), and Damascus steel. Tri-colored karat gold, singly and in combination, are additional materials options.

The made-in-the-U.S. pieces of jewelry work as well for modern minimalists who are looking for something simple and sleek as those who want their highly detailed ring to tell a story.

Styles include domed and flat bands in assorted textures and patterns. Inlays include exotic hard woods, authentic meteorite and camouflage. Do you know anyone who has a ring that features Osage orange, Mexican cocobolo, wenge, padauk, canxan burl, leopard, split tamarind, thuya burl, maple burl or spalted tamarind wood? Yours can have one of these hardwoods.

Various themes abound, to share your heritage, a hobby, love of sports or the great outdoors, and more! Precious gemstones, including black diamonds, add elegant embellishment to some Lashbrook models. Finishes run the gamut from high-polish to dulled, sandblast to acid-etched.

Of course you may custom-design a Lashbrook ring to your own, individual specifications, too.

Start your search for a gent’s ring with Lashbrook, a designer that J.R. Dunn Jewelers is proud to feature among its bridal jewelry designers.

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