Why it's better idea to pay $430 to service your Breitling Watch at an Authorized Service Center versus only $275 at XYZ Jewelers?

By Sean Dunn October 8, 2007

The number one reason is that Authorized Breitling Service Centers have watchmakers specifically trained to work on your Breitling watch: On the surface this may seem superficial and completely unrelated to the price you pay and the service you receive, however, consider the following:

  • These watchmakers are the only ones that are invited frequently for advanced Breitling training at Breitlings U.S.A training facility.
  • The tools and equipment which they employ for the service of a Breitling meets the very strict requirements of Breitling. These are much more expensive than traditional equipment and require higher maintenance.
  • Annually, Breitling trained watchmakers add to their tool portfolio to address changes in design of new models.
  • Only authentic Breitling parts are used in the servicing of your watch.
  • Oils, greases and lubricants used for servicing your Breitling are the finest and most expensive in the world and meet the strict standards of Breitling.
  • Screws and parts in your watch are taken apart and put back together with carefully honed screw drivers and brass tweezers so that none of your parts or screw heads become scratched or bruised during the service.
  • The typical environment in a Breitling watch service room is very specific: The humidity is held at about 35 to 40%. The temperature is constantly at 72 degrees, and a dust collector is constantly running to ensure that no dust particles get into your watch. The ceiling and bench lights are all matched and color specific.

All of the above are very important for your fine timepiece to function properly. Your watch deserves the 'SPA' treatment and that is what every Breitling gets when you bring it to a Breitling Authorized Service Center.

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