August Birthstone Jewelry

This August make your loved one’s birthday a memorable one with a personalized birthstone jewelry piece. Those with August birthdays have the Peridot birthstone. The Peridot is a gorgeous gem, brought to Earth’s surface by Volcanoes, that is said to increase goodness within the wearer. There are many variations of colors that the Peridot is found in, ranging from yellowish green to brownish green. However, the most desirable Peridots come in bright lime green and olive green shades. Drape your significant other’s wrist with a stunning lime green Peridot birthstone bracelet she is sure to love. Add a sparkle to her finger with a Peridot ring she will love showing off. Give your best friend the gift of goodness with a Peridot birthstone necklace. Gift a gorgeous pair of Peridot earrings to your mother in honor of her August birthday. Your loved ones will appreciate the personal touch that August birthstone jewelry brings to this year’s celebration.