Gemstone Bracelets

Colored jewels can make a bracelet pop with prettiness, whatever color of the rainbow you select. Happy-looking hues add depth and dimension to assorted bracelet styles, including bangles, coils and cuffs. You will find braided and disc models in sterling silver, plus leather, gold chain, charm, link and toggle pieces.

Dabakarov sterling silver and stone bracelets include garnet and peridot, the birthstones for the months of January and August, respectively, as well as pink corundum. John Hardy gemstone bracelets utilize colored sapphires as diverse as black, blue, red and white, along with blue chalcedony, green Tsavorite and pink spinel. Italian designer Marco Bicego beautifully blends multi-colored gemstones across several collections, including Jaipur, Murano and Paradise. Mikimoto designs lend themselves to luxurious pearls with diamonds and sapphires. The Tacori Sonoma Skies collection features sky blue topaz and amethyst pastel, while the designer’s Midnight Sun collection gives a nod to neutrals, in the form of smoky quartz, olive quartz and hematite gemstones, working solo or in concert.

Wrap your wrist in wonderful gemstones that give jewelry additional meaning and aesthetic appeal.

Gemstone Bracelets

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