Say, “I do!” to J.R. Dunn’s’ collection of men's and women’s Designer Wedding Rings. Feel crowned with elegance in the glittery shine of platinum wedding bands by Michael B. The sculpted crescent designs of Tacori in 18-karat white gold give gentlemen a contemporary edge. ArtCarved presents eclectic choices for ladies and gents alike, in a series of intriguingly etched bands. Evoke the rich pageantry of the Crusades in the ArtCarved Chivalry designs, in which a symbol of the cross alternates with a fleur-de-lis. The Corbin Celtic Weave, likewise, imparts a sense of historical romance. Exclusively for the ladies, ArtCarved features a number of interlocking double rings: dotted rows or textured streams of diamonds crown circles of brilliant white gold.

  Wedding Bands

Men's & Women's Designer Wedding Rings

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