Aaron Basha Baby Shoe Charms

Add a whimsical spin to your jewelry collection with baby shoe charms by Aaron Basha. Equally inspired by nature, luxury, and cherished childhood memories, these diamond-adorned baby shoes were made for dancing through dreams! The glossy shine of brightly colored enamel defines much of this collection: charms pop with hot pink, violet, and heart-red in contrast to the sleek settings of 18 karat white gold or yellow gold. Revel in cooler shades of turquoise and blue—or opt for the glamour of gemstone-paved baby shoes in amethyst and aquamarine. Aaron Basha’s ever-popular ladybugs are among the pattern possibilities, which also include polka dots, flowers, and yellow ducks. From saddle shoes to loafers, from sapphire accents to diamond bows, each charm playfully becomes a conversation piece unto itself. Combine several Aaron Basha baby shoes into a bracelet, or simply fashion a single charm onto a necklace.

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  Aaron Basha Charms
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