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There are so many sparkly baubles to choose from. How do you choose the right one? First, start with Chimento jewelry. It is Italian gold, and Italian goldsmiths are the best. Chimento has been crafting gold jewelry since 1964 using 18kt yellow, white, and rose gold to make beautiful pieces. This classic designer has set the benchmark for high-end luxury jewelry. The ring that you wear should compliment your style. Outfits with neutral colors can handle ornate pieces like the rings from the Link collection. Both the Febo and Infinity collections have gorgeous rings that use round or square links to create individual style, and they are adorned with white diamonds to get the shine that every girl loves. Rings in the Armillas Pyramis collection showcase golden pyramid forms to create the band while rings in the Bamboo collection are more organic in nature. The Stardust collection sprinkles diamonds across a gold band. While simple in design, it is an elegant masterpiece that could be worn daily. Let’s face it. A Chimento ring will give your look the fashion boost it needs, day or night!

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