Brace yourself for some beautiful bracelets from John Hardy! These are designer cuffs, bangles and coil bracelets that you’ll be proud to wrap your wrist in. Check out smooth and textured bangle bracelets, some set with gemstones, others available with a hinged closure. Choose a snug-fit cuff that’s big and bold or dainty and delicate. Get a chic curl, as only an Egyptian-inspired spiral coil (or two or three!) can provide. John Hardy bracelets come in various widths, sizes, shapes and materials. Collections include Bamboo, Dot, Naga and others. Find your favorite looks from among the braided, contour, curved, disc, dragon, flex, kick, overlap, openwork and station versions. There are a number of options for bracelet finishes, including sterling silver; 18kt gold; and combinations of sterling silver and leather.

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  John Hardy Cuffs, Bangles and Coils

John Hardy Cuffs, Bangles and Coil Bracelets

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