John Hardy

Stones worn smooth by the ever-present rush of water—that’s the evocative image at the core of Kali, a Balinese word meaning “river.” In this collection by John Hardy Jewelry, these polished river “rocks” of sterling silver and 18 karat yellow gold let you celebrate nature and style as one. Pebble shapes of dusky gold lining a darkened background on the Kali Bangle Bracelet suggest meditation by a sunlit riverbed. Pebble motifs also accent the swirling base of rain-colored silver drop earrings. The Kali Collection features a diversely sophisticated array of adornments for your hand: a bed of gleaming white sapphires stands in for river stones in the elegant Lava Silver Flow Ring, while the silver twists of some rings overlap and interlock an aggressively textured stone pattern. Become enlightened with this collection representative of a spiritual crossroads—where East meets West.

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  John Hardy Kali

John Hardy Kali Jewelry Collection