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Phillips House Earrings

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The designers at Phillips House have pulled off an amazing feat with their earrings; the sophisticated styles remain playful and irreverent! Whether ornamental and original, like dazzling drops and dangles, or simple and shiny, like the brand’s classic studs with a twist, you will find bright and beautiful pieces that you will want to have and wear often. A variety of precious metals are used to create Philips House earrings, including 14kt white, yellow and rose gold. Each lend a distinct look and feel, from cool to sunny and warm.

Light and bright make for earrings that are enchanting! Take a look at the Phillips House Affair collection. The micro and mini studs, with edgeless pave diamond discs, show, without a doubt, that some of the best things in life come in small packages! Likewise for the luxurious petite Infinity double drop earrings, double Infinity drop and small tassel earrings from the line.

Phillips House is a jewelry designer that you’ll definitely want to lend your ears to!

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