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Glittering gold and dazzling diamonds merge in necklaces from Phillips House. The Affair Love Always collection presents pieces for all time! An edgeless pave diamond disc is crafted in convex shape. The contour allows the piece to sit upright on the chest. Light is captured from above and reflected from all angles. Its diamond-cut ball chain will have you sparkling with sophistication. Choose a micro, mini, regular or large size as well a selecting from 14kt cool white, warm yellow and complexion-complementing rose gold. Wear the Phillip House necklaces solo, mix and match or choose any option to complement your style and fashion!

Whether you wear them during the day, for evening events or both, Phillips House necklaces a perfect go-with all piece of jewelry that go where you go, effortlessly. Dress them up or dress them down. Wear them to work and while at home. Drape your nape weekdays and weekends. A Phillips House Affair Infinity collection has necklaces that are always appropriate for any occasion.

Be sure to check out the other pieces of jewelry in the Affair Infinity collection. You will find wire bracelets, petite earrings, drop earrings and rings. All are classic, all are chic, and all are stylish.

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