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Black is back -- with a great green -- in Roberto Coin’s Black Jade collection. It’s the pinnacle of contemporary Italian design and modern elegance. This strong collection, with strong color, is for the strong, chic, self-assured woman.

Black jade from Africa, an ornamental rock, is the central character in each piece, taking a leading role in every ring and earring that ornaments fingers and ears with great impact. Boldly colored green chalcedony has a supporting role, as does 18kt rose gold. Diamonds make a cameo appearance in some of the jewelry, too. The shapes are structurally simple; the style original.

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The color of the durable, dense black jade comes from high amounts of iron and/or graphite in the stone. Green jade, said to date back to the time of the Egyptians, is a gently translucent, multi-shade stone with a fine grain. Their combination is strikingly spectacular!

The rose gold, complementary to all skin tones, is wrought in a concave way, where the stone mimics that same shape, thanks to the kneading of the stone. The result is a timeless feminine feel that is modern interpretation of vintage.

Shape and color are two things that Roberto Coin is known for in his jewelry designs, and the Black Jade collection is no exception! His innovative designs give life to gems, while the excellent craftsmanship is ever evident. You can see the passion in each and every piece.

You’ll also see a ruby “King of Gemstones” somewhere on every piece of Roberto Coin jewelry. This tradition of the designer began in 1996, when he set a small ruby as an exclusive signature of the brand, hidden on the inside of each piece in the Appassionata collection, a secret gift of good wishes for peace, long life, health and happiness to the owner-wearer.

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