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What’s your love story? Share it with the world by wearing a Tacori Promise Bracelet! The bangle represents a promise made to yourself or between two people.

The design was inspired by love, support, and respect. The look is clean. The surface is high-polish. A delicate chain connects the bracelet parts. The bracelet locks – and can only be opened – with a Tacori key. The bracelet fits naturally around your wrist. There are round and oval models, and seven types of finishes. Choose from sterling silver, silver and 18kt yellow gold, silver and 18kt rose gold, yellow gold, rose gold, rose gold and diamond, and yellow gold and diamond.

A quote from an anonymous source says, “Promise only what you can deliver. Then deliver more than you promise.”

The Tacori Promise bracelet can remind you of these words. It is an empowering piece of jewelry! This is a piece of jewelry to be worn and treasured. Enjoy its beauty and grace.

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  Tacori Promise Bracelet

Tacori Promise Bracelet