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Zoe Chicco 14kt gold and diamond jewelry sparkles and shines! Necklaces and rings are easy to layer.

Check out a geometric eyelash necklace with diamond, princess-shaped diamond ring and diamond V ring. Showcase your sentiment with the #trulove ID necklace, which can easily be adapted with your own personalized message, with or without the homage to social media.

Bezel-set diamonds, featured on a curved, graduated necklace and single-gem necklace, along with a three-diamond stack ring, tiny station and two-diamond rings, and 10-bezel diamond ring go with everything and are appropriate to go everywhere!

Turquoise rings, in a single round or starburst style with a diamond add a pop of color when wrapped around your finger. Lend your ears to a pair of pearl wire earrings, or stud earrings with a trio of diamonds, too.


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