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ArtCarved has a long and rich history in the world of bridal jewelry. The engagement ring and wedding band designer and manufacturer is credited with having “made its mark” as the company responsible for the development of the first soldered seamless wedding rings in the 1890s, inventing carved rings in the 1920s, and being the only jewelry brand allowed to continue making wedding rings during World War II as metal was relegated to the war effort. Additionally, ArtCarved popularized the double ring wedding ceremony, where both the bride and groom give and receive a ring to commemorate their love and commitment. The company counts among its values authenticity, beautiful design, high quality and tradition. You can find handcrafted quality and artisanship in each and every engagement ring, wedding band or anniversary ring. Whatever your style – classic, contemporary or vintage – there’s an ArtCarved ring for you! Let the celebrations begin now…

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