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If you want bling on your engagement ring, then you’ll find a Ritani halo ring is the perfect piece for you. A halo ring is a setting that surrounds the center stone with a circle of pave diamonds. The smaller diamonds create flashes of light that focus the attention back on the center stone, and this stunning display makes the center stone seem infinitely larger. The halo option also gives you many choices for personalization. Start with the center stone. Will you choose a fancy-color or colorless diamond? You may even decide to go with a colored precious gemstone like a blue sapphire or tanzanite. Next, you’ll want your engagement ring to be the perfect shape. While round and princess-cut center stones are favored shapes, the halo can support multiple diamond shapes. Now, you’ll choose the color of your halo. The traditional white on white diamonds is iconic, but you could also choose lush sapphires or rubies to surround a white diamond. The reverse is just as beautiful. Imagine a fancy-yellow diamond center stone that is surrounded by a ring of white diamonds. Framing your center stone in multiple halos creates new and exciting looks. A halo engagement ring is such a great choice, and Ritani has many glamorous settings to choose from!

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