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The History of Philip Stein Watches and Sleep Bracelets for Better Living

Philip Stein Natural Frequency Technology

Philip Stein has been designing lifestyle accessories to help people live "in tune" since 2003. The Miami, Florida-based wellbeing technology and lifestyle brand creates watches, Horizon and sleep bracelets, as well as wine wands, that are sold in more than 30 countries worldwide and has been on Oprah Winfrey's "Favorite Things" listing three times (in 2003, 2005 and 2010).

The Natural Frequency Technology of Philip Stein products retune and recalibrate bodies as well as minds. All watches, sleep and Horizon bracelets carry the Philip Stein proprietary Natural Frequency Technology (NFT), which acts like antennae, picking up individuals' natural frequencies and channeling them to the body. They do not use magnets. The results, which vary from person to person, include increased calmness, focus and energy.

Small wonder, then, that within a year of launching, Philip Stein timepieces became known as the "feel good watch." Not only does the watch feature a dual time zone dial, interchangeable straps and a window that allows an owner to see the technology disc, it helps them feel better, too. Testimonials from happy consumers used words like "better sleep," "less tension," improved concentration," and "enhanced well-being."

Philip Stein Signature Watch

Tuning is a very positive action. Think of some of the adjectives associated with the word: adjusted, familiar, in-step, in the swing of things, in sync, on the same wavelength. These are attributes everyone would want to be associated with!

Natural frequencies change during the times of day, as well as different sleep cycles that occur. That's why Philip Stein recommends wearing their watch during the day and the sleep bracelet at night for the optimal benefit. Further, they suggest putting the sleep bracelet on shortly before retiring and taking it off just before getting up.

Research has shown that sleep is a top priority for health and happiness. A better night's sleep results in less stress and illness. Unfortunately, most people sleeping well; the 2013 Rx Sleep Survey showed 83% of Americas polled "don't get a good night's sleep on a consistent basis."

It must be noted that the bracelet is designed to help improve the quality of sleep but not to cure medical conditions like insomnia or sleep apnea, which necessitates the intervention of a physician.

As no two people are alike, some people may experience a subtle influence of NFT, while others may feel a more transformational effect. The company recommends wearing a watch, Horizon bracelet or sleep bracelet for 30 nights before drawing any conclusions regarding individual effectiveness.

Philip Stein Wine Wand

Philip Stein is working with research institutes around the world to scientifically demonstrate how the NFT positively affects the human body. Results from double blind studies at the Neurokinetics Institute in Canada and the Kennedy Space Center in Florida suggest wellbeing indicators that include improved balance, ocular focus and a reduced feeling of lightheadedness when standing up abruptly.

Timepieces for men and women include Active, Classic, Modern, Prestige and Signature collections. The Colors Collection offers sport watches that are equipped with an integrated strap that comes in tones from the bold the beautifully subdued. Bracelets include Horizon bracelets in a classic or sport/fitness model for day that will suit just about anyone, and sleep bracelets, available in classic and slim designs, to wear to bed.

The brand's wine wands, made with Swarovski crystals, are elegant. The bar accessory is beloved by wine lovers and connoisseurs alike, for its looks and actions; Philip Stein's Natural Frequency Technology Aerates wine in minutes versus hours. A travel size makes it the perfect travel companion, too!

As Philip Stein has said of their companions for modern living, "a life in tune is a life well lived."

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