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How to Care for Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry

Mikimoto pearls are meant to be worn! The natural-occurring gem, while delicate, is resilient and will last a lifetime with proper care. You can safeguard this sensitive stone's loveliness, beauty and value with proper care, cleaning and storage. Pearls require attention before, during and after their wear.

Pearl Care

  • Avoid wearing rough fabric with your pearls.
  • Put your pearls on after putting on cosmetics, hair products, lotions and perfumes.
  • Do not wear your pearls while cleaning, bathing or swimming, cooking or exercising.
  • Limit the wearing of pearl rings and bracelets to those times you know you won't be working with your hands to avoid scratching.
  • Do not expose pearls to strong light or heat.
  • Examine pearls for loosening strings.

Pearl Cleaning

  • Wipe your pearls immediately following any type of spill.
  • Never use jewelry cleaner, steam clean or use an ultrasonic cleaner on pearls.
  • Wash pearls in distilled water with mild baby soap using a soft, natural bristle manicure brush. Support the jewelry and rinse with distilled water only. Pat off excess water and spread pearls flat to air dry; do not move until they are completely dry. Polish with a dry, soft cloth.

Pearl Storage

  • Gently wipe pearls with a soft cloth after you remove them.
  • Fasten pearl l strands and lay items out separately in a compartmentalized jewelry box.
  • Keep pearls separate from other jewelry, in their own silk bag, velvet-lined box or satin-lined folder, wrapper in a chamois or tissue paper.
  • Store pearls horizontally to keep thread from stretching.
  • Do not hang your pears; this would put undue pressure on the thread.

Make it a habit to check the condition of your pearls each time you wear them, and keep to an annual restringing appointment.

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