JOHN HARDY greener every day

Increasingly, people want to feel good about what they purchase and to know that it was created with respect for people and nature. When it comes to something so personal as jewelry, this assurance is even more important.

And when it comes to the beautiful jewelry of John Hardy, the brand’s mission to be “greener every day” offers this kind of assurance. These three words reflect the Bali-based brand’s ongoing commitment to sustainable practices in every aspect of the creative process.

From using recycled silver, sourcing alluvial gold, and tracking the origins of gemstones to the “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo” initiative, everyone at John Hardy is committed to living with awareness about his or her impact upon the planet.

Sharing this passion for creating beautiful jewelry while making a difference in people’s lives, CEO Damien Dernoncourt joined the team in 2003. Dedicated to ensuring the company continues to be a pioneer in the area of environmental and cultural preservation, he insists that its practices illustrate this belief.

One of these practices is decreasing the brand’s carbon footprint. “Bamboo helps in both water preservation and sustaining the forests, and John Hardy is doing its part on that front,” he explains, adding that 800,000 bamboo trees have been planted in the Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo project. The company also contributes to community programs, such as the Job for Life initiative that offers apprenticeships to children and young adults at a local orphanage in Bali to develop skills for professional use after graduation from high school.

Built in 1996, the eco-friendly John Hardy compound — its production center — is surrounded by bamboo forests and palm trees, and comprises a series of low impact and sustainable buildings in traditional Balinese style constructed of bamboo and mud, with steps made from banyan tree roots.

The compound has two streams running through it, heirloom rice fields, and an organic farm, which supplies the kitchen, where a five-star chef provides daily meals for employees and guests. The brand’s design team is headed by creative director Guy Bedarida, whose experience includes many years at Parisian design houses. Inspired by Nature, Asia’s ancient arts, and travel, Bedarida blends ancient Balinese craftsmanship with modern European elegance to create original and artistic collections.

The John Hardy Fall 2013 collection takes tribal inspiration from the exotic island of Kalimantan (Borneo). Swirls of color and bold design reflect Kalimantan’s mix of cultures and the tribes’ strong belief in the mystical powers of nature.

Continuing its inspiration from traditional weaving, the handmade John Hardy Classic Chain collection incorporates the Timeless Knot, a symbol of eternal life, nature and love. The Dot collection— based on the Dot motif found in traditional Balinese culture — has been modernized by playing with size and proportion. The Palu line is inspired by the goddess of the sun and moon. Hand hammered by Balinese artisans, Palu’s gold discs shimmer like rays of light on the ocean.

Bedeg has been revisited with an updated design element incorporating a rhythmic pattern of silver beads, inspired by the handiwork found in Borneo. The fine Ata basket-weaving technique from East Bali comes to life in organic cuffs and bangles adorned with silver Bedeg accents and lava stones. The new Naga selections feature a dragon motif in daring designs, paired with the bold braided chain, along with hand-cut crystals, micro-pavé diamonds, and touches of ruby. New designs and texture evoke the world of John Hardy for men. This season features the new Poleng motif, introducing the contrast of oxidized spheres with high-shine silver, and a stylization of the figurative Naga in a bold chiseled form. The addition of the intricate braided shape and strong leather complete the masculine message. John Hardy revisits the enduring versatility of bamboo in unexpected combinations. Strong statement pieces in champagne citrines with bold silver accents bring new silhouettes to the signature collection.

The purchase of each piece supports the Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo initiative to restore Bali’s natural bamboo forests, helping John Hardy to go greener every day.