Reinventing John Hardy Jewelry

John Hardy Bracelet 

Never one to rest on any laurels, the John Hardy jewelry company has reinvented some of its most iconic pieces in for the year.  Revisiting the time-honored techniques of the Balinese artisans resulted in fresh, fluid and modern designs:

    Some previously exhibited sterling silver pieces have been re-imagined in seductive 18kt gold. Among these are Classic Chain bracelets with diamonds and gemstones, square stud earrings, and link necklaces. Naga showcases the slim ring, coil ring, lace hoop earrings and round hoop earrings, and the Bamboo collection’s round ring, interlinking pendant and slider pendant are simply lovely.

     The Classic Chain collection is the epitome of everyday elegance.  The openness of one of the latest pieces lends a delicate look with dark ruthenium plating and pave diamond highlights while a reversible option offers dual wearing possibilities.

    The new, finely detailed Naga pieces have energy and movement.  All pieces feature finely detailed dragon scales, whether crafted of hand-woven mesh, precious metal with pearl or enamel work.  Some of the collection’s more compelling pieces boast the addition of gemstones, like white, orange, yellow and black sapphires. Other gems, such as black chalcedony, London Blue topaz and diamonds, are also included in the beautification process. Additionally, gorgeous enamel pieces accentuate the sinuous curves of the mythical creature’s scales. Each and every Naga represents bold opulence.

    The Bamboo collection’s fluid cuffs in polished silver feature black sapphires in a lava setting.

    The Men’s collection updates include a number of differences in texture and materials for a masculine and bold look.  Examples include the reinterpretation of the Bedeg collection with fine lines on polished oxidized silver, black sapphires, and the addition of volcanic rock against polished silver.

    Finally, back grills have been pushed front and center in the limited-edition cuffs and pendants of the Heritage Collection.  These resplendent pieces feature the heroic and mystical tales of the island of Bali for all to see.  Every picture really does tell a story!  The hand-woven pieces drape softly and are comfortable to wear.

There’s nothing that has gotten lost in translation with John Hardy’s newest incarnations. Nobody can do “everything old is new again” quite like this jewelry icon!