Michael B "Lace" Platinum full sided engagement setting .99tw
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Michael B. Lace Platinum Full Sided Engagement Setting .99tw

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Michael B. Lace Engagement Ring. Michael Bogosian, aka Michael B., was born in 1950 in Istanbul, Turkey, home to a tradition of fine jewelry spanning over two millennia. At the age of 10, Michael carried on his father's legacy and began a full-time apprenticeship with one of the finest jewelry houses in Istanbul. With an amazing array of skills and dreams of a better life, Michael left his roots in Istanbul as a teenager and headed for America with just $75 in his pocket. Within a few years, Michael developed a reputation as the finest jeweler in the area. Over the years, Michael has serviced too many celebrity clients to list, and do not expect him to name drop. Michael bonds with each of his clients on a personal level and feels very strongly about respecting their privacy.


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