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Stephen Webster: Jewelry Care Guide

You can help your Stephen Webster jewelry have a long and beautiful life with proper care. Whether your piece is crafted in 18K gold, platinum or sterling silver, or is adorned with the designer’s exclusive Crystal Haze or precious gemstones that include diamonds, emeralds, sapphires or rubies, amber, turquoise, opals and pearls, here are some tips to consider and follow:

18K gold jewelry should be stored individually to prevent scratching. Also, you should avoid wearing your jewelry when cleaning or putting on make-up, as harsh chemicals can cause discoloration to precious metals, particularly white gold that has been plated with rhodium.

Stephen Webster Care GuidePlatinum, while a hard and durable precious metal, is prone to scratching and should be stored where it cannot rub against another piece of jewelry. Again, avoid wearing platinum jewelry when you may be exposed to harsh chemicals do prevent damage.

Sterling Silver will tarnish naturally over time, with a variable amount of oxidation among people. It is recommended that silver jewelry be cleaned with just a few pieces of equipment: lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush for cleansing, and soft cloth for polishing once dry.

Crystal Haze jewelry should be kept away from strong light, chemical, extreme temperature changes and extended wear in water. Clean the stone from dirt or fingerprints by rubbing with a lint-free cloth. Inspect the piece regularly to ensure that the stone has not separated or loose in its setting.

Diamonds, while the hardest gem, can chip or crack when knocked. Precious gemstones of sapphires and rubies are strong enough to hold up to consistent wear. Take care when wearing your Stephen Webster jewelry with these precious stones. A small amount of liquid soap in hot water will clean diamonds easily; dry with a lint-free cloth.

Emeralds are a soft gemstone that is not suited to daily wear. Be particularly careful not to knock into anything when wearing a piece of jewelry with them. The safest way to clean emeralds is to use warm, soapy water, scrubbing gently. Do not use ultrasonic or steam cleaning.

Other Gemstones such as Amber, turquoise, opals and pearls are porous gemstones that can be stained by oils or liquids, so be sure to avoid contact with creams, lotions and chemicals. They can be washed in lukewarm water and polished with a lint-free cloth.

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