The Signature watch collection is where Philip Stein made its mark in “feel good technology.” The Signature was the first timepiece to market for the brand to help improve quality of life. It helped Philip Stein make a name for itself. And improve the well-being of countless people! The Signature watch is shaped like the number eight. It features a distinctive dual time zone, and a comfortable strap that can be changed to suit your mood and wardrobe. There are a number of models of Philip Stein Signature watch for men and women. He can choose from a large, chronograph, Swiss large or Swiss chronograph version. She can select from mini, small, Swiss small and large styles. Imagine a watch that looks as good as it makes you feel. Imagine it on your wrist. It is easy to make that dream a reality. Your Philip Stein Signature watch is waiting. You will earn high fashion marks when you wear a Philip Stein Signature watch!

Philip Stein Signature Watches