The Natural Frequency Technology (NFT) bracelets from Philip Stein, stylish accessories crafted from high-quality materials, offer people more --more focus, and more relaxation and more rejuvenation – by harnessing and delivering the natural frequencies that are all around us. The Sleep Bracelets and Horizon Bracelets were designed, like all of the holistic lifestyle brand’s products, to help people live in balance with a harmonious mind, body and spirit.

Donning a Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet has the potential to become a nighttime ritual as it becomes an ideal nighttime accessory that improves your quality of sleep and helps you awaken more refreshed. Potential effects of the bracelet include the ability to fall asleep faster, have more pleasant dreams, and sleep more deeply and for a longer period of time. Two versions are available, the Classic model and the Slim Sleep Bracelet.

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The product has been known to assist with the ill-effects of travel, as well, to be used on planes, trains, cruise ships and in hotels. Fashioned of a rectangular-shaped highly polished stainless steel, the fashionable natural sleep aid is portable, has a comfortable microfiber band and is hypoallergenic. The bracelet should be put on the wrist of your choice 15 minutes before going to bed, and it’s recommended that the product be used for 30 days to feel its benefits, which differ from person-to-person. Sleep is vital to regenerating the mind and body, renewing strength and boosting immunity levels. People with heart disease, cardiac pacemakers, ECG monitors or alarms, those with acute diseases, infectious diseases, severe skin disease, sensitive skin or active bleeding should not use the Sleep Bracelet.

Additional bracelets produced by Philip Stein include the Calgaro Bracelet and Signature Bracelet.

These fashionable, stylish well-being companions were designed exclusively for Philip Stein by the Milan (Italy)-based Calgaro jewelry company. Fluid in style and possessing a retro sensibility, they offer a sophisticated tranquility through luxurious elegance. A center inlay of enamel is wrapped in stainless steel wire with a stainless steel buckle. Available in a variety of colors, some selections are offered with full-cut white diamonds.

  Philip Stein Sleep bracelet

Philip Stein Sleep Bracelets