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Luxury Knives and Jewelry

William Henry Luxury Made Personal

William Henry jewelry and lifestyle accessories are one-of-a-kind statement-makers. Each has a distinct personality, and shares your story with the world. Organic pieces with an inherent natural beauty, they are made-in-the-USA and have a lifetime warranty.

William Henry Product Video

William Henry products have striking design. From men’s jewelry to pocket knives, writing instruments, money clips, key chains and more, these fascinating, memorable heirlooms can be yours. The artisanal, functional pieces are part of life…and a man’s lifestyle.

How to Operate the Folding Knife

Tradition, technology and materials are imbued with symmetry and balance, creating some of the finest pocket knives in the world. See William Henry Founder and CEO Matt Conable demonstrate the operation of a William Henry folding knife.

How To Operate William Henry's Money Clip

See William Henry Founder and CEO Matt Conable demonstrate the Stockholm money clip with dual locking system. Robust and dramatic, a William Henry money clip is a fashionable and surprisingly experiential accessory.

The Stunning Engraving of a William Henry Knife

Master artisans, engravers, gem setters and select studios across the globe lend their artistry to William Henry knives. Take a look behind-the-scenes and see how a memorable knife is created; you will be mesmerized!

Fossil Mammoth Bone

Fossil woolly mammoth bone and tooth are among the many rare and exotic materials used in William Henry products. A special and inspiring component, it is ethically sourced and completely captivating!