Roberto Coin’s Dubai Collection: Coming to J.R. Dunn Jewelers

By Nina Glaser May 8, 2014

Roberto Coin designs for the most demanding jewelry collectors...“Culture and art…are the root of every single piece I create. And to my dreams…which…open the doors to…the future,” he said.

J.R. Dunn Jewelers is definitely looking forward to the future – the near future – when Roberto Coin’s Dubai collection makes its debut at the showroom in Lighthouse Point. The collection, as seen at BaselWorld, is sure to be the next “it” pieces that jewelry-lovers will want to see, wear, and own…just ask any of the 2,100 exhibitors from 45 countries or 94,000+ visitors who attended this year’s show!

It certainly seems fitting that the beautiful, elegant and feminine pieces in the Dubai collection be named after a place that is called “The City of Gold,” for they are crafted of 18K rose gold, and are as unique and dynamic as the city for which they were named. They dazzle. They shimmer. They are impressive. And they have the excellent craftsmanship and “work of art” quality that Roberto Coin is renowned for. Coincidentally, the first Roberto Coin boutique opened in Dubai at Wafi City in July 2007 (with many others opening that same year in Atlanta, Rome, Macau and Baku).

Roberto Coin Dubai Jewelry

One might say the whole world loves Roberto Coin jewelry, as evidenced by the number of stores (including monobrand boutiques, those on the corner and authorized retailers) that are located around the globe – in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Oceania and South America.

Each piece of the Dubai collection – like every Roberto Coin piece of jewelry – has a small ruby set inside, hidden from view, so that the wearer’s skin can be in direct contact with this thought-of-as-magical gem. Legend has it that the ruby – “The King of Gemstones” – has the ability to bring peace and promote a long life that is blessed with health and happiness. Women of ancient time believed that the gemstone promoted fertility, and Burmese warriors were convinced that the ruby protected them from injury in battle. The “kiss” received by those wearing a Roberto Coin jewelry piece is the brand’s exclusive signature…a “secret” between the owner and the designer that makes for a most special relationship.

Special is a word that can also be used to describe the Dubai collection. The pieces feature the intricately woven threads of gold that Roberto Coin is famous for and brilliant, white round diamonds set – either singly, or in a double or triple stack – within, above or below the marquise-shaped (an elongated, curved shape with pointed ends) open-work.

  • The chandelier earrings make a statement, with a 3.2 carat total weight (ctw) of gleaming round diamonds, including eight in each of the earring posts and another 11 within or suspended from the open-work of each stunning appendage.
  • The awe-inspiring necklace has a total of 60 diamonds totaling 3.21 ctw, with the precious stones dotting the bottom of the graduated collar.
  • The sinuous bracelet contains 5.92 ctw from 118 stones set along the top and bottom of the piece.
  • The flexible ring has a total of 32 stones, with its 1.33 ctw of diamonds set within, above and below the open-work.

"It's very exciting to be expecting the Dubai collection in-store," said Julie Izanec, Fashion Buyer and Marketing Manager for J.R. Dunn Jewelers. "When I look at the pieces, I see both Barocco and Art Nouveau influences. Nobody but Roberto Coin could so eloquently combine designs of the Renaissance and Jazz Age for today’s modern woman!"

Looking at the pieces of the Dubai collection are a delight to the eye, to be sure, but you just might also be able to conjure up some smells and sounds of Dubai: perfumed air, the relaxing sounds of water in a fountain, the tinkling of bells or call to prayer from the minarets of mosques. These delights to the senses are pieces of the Dubai “puzzle” that are just one part of this city of contrasts.

The emirate is a constitutional monarchy, where the ancient and modern coexist harmoniously. Early attractions combine with the skyscrapers and high-rise buildings in a cosmopolitan metropolis that offers travelers a unique experience.  It has been called the “shopping capital of the Middle East,” and has more than 70 shopping centers, including Dubai Mall, the world’s largest retail location. Shopping tourists come from Eastern Europe, Africa and the Indian Sub-continent.

Rose gold – which is 75% gold, with additional copper and/or silver – is also called pink gold or red gold. Once upon a time it was called Russian gold. It has a vintage appeal that has been making a comeback in recent years. It’s romantic, and complements white and yellow. It is rarer than other colored gold, making it all the more desirable in its exclusivity. This sophisticated choice blends timelessness and durability.

The benefits of rose gold are many: its warm color is universally flattering to all skin-tones; its value and significance are long-lasting; and it’s fashion-forward. Nobody would argue with the advantages this “triple threat” brings to the table!

J.R. Dunn Jewelers is privileged to carry Roberto Coin jewelry, one of the most prestigious international brands. The high-end firm was founded and is based in Vicenza, Italy, a city in northeastern Italy. Of interesting note: approximately one-fifth of Italy’s gold and jewelry is made in Vicenza, contributing to the city’s economy.

Be sure to check out the other Roberto Coin collections, including Appassionata, whose basket-weave design marks an effortlessly chic collection; the impressive Bollicine; Cento, whose diamond-accented pieces feature the 100-facet diamond (hence the name, as “cento” means “hundred” in Italian); Chic & Shine, featuring distinctive bracelets and earrings; Fantasia, with its glimmering, shimmering gold and gemstones or diamonds; the nature-inspired Granada, with its intricately carved flower petal designs; the Ipanema, inspired by the vibrant colors and lifestyle of Ipanema Beach; Love Plus, featuring “I love you” engraved in multiple languages; the hammered Martellato; the textured and deep Mauresque; sleek Nabucco; stylish Pallini; patterened, modern Pois Moi; the flexible Primavera; vibrant Shanghai; The Perfect Diamond Hoop, a classic that never goes out of style; and Tiny Treasures, a fun and affordable line the comes in a variety of styles that accommodate everyone…and every occasion.

Roberto Coin is an active participant in the jewelry industry, but his passion for making a difference extends to the community at-large, as well. He is a member of the American Gem Society; Jewelers of America; Jewelers Board of Trade; Jewelers Vigilance Committee; MJSA Professional Excellence in Jewelry Making & Design, a trade association that provides the jewelry making, design and business know-how needed to achieve excellence, raise profits and maintain a competitive edge; New York Chamber of Commerce and the Council for Responsible Jewelers.

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