Accutron Spaceview 2020 Watches

Discover the new Accutron Spaceview 2020 watch, an update on the original Accutron with an open dial allowing the wearer to view their multiple electrostatic turbine mechanism. On this ultra-modern, almost sci-fi stylized watch there are two small circular electrostatic generators visible on the lower half of the dial. The top of the new Accutron Spaceview dial is a larger electrostatic motor, driving the hand forward. The new Spaceview 2020 and the DNA feature a larger, single capictor than it's predecesor which housed two smaller capacitors. It's the perfect combination of sleek, eye catching design and technological precision. For the 60th anniversary of the Accutron, two special limited edition timepieces have been crafted with special box sets. The numbered, three hundred piece stainless steel Spaceview 2020 comes with a unique green inner bezel and a green stitched leather strap. Inside the box set is a special slim memorialized carrying case, which showcases just the watch head while the wood grain box is closed. Also inside the larger box set is an Assouline book with the history of Accutron, which will also be sold alone in Assouline stores.