Engagement Ring Trends - Hottest Styles for 2017 / 2018

By Jenna Fish June 9, 2017

Simply Tacori East-West Engagement RingsEvery year, jewelers from around the world gather in Las Vegas for the JCK jewelry show, showcasing the hottest and most sought-after trends among the industry. The hot trend this year dominating the show are east-west engagement rings, going against bridal traditions as we know it.

East - West engagement rings showcase the diamond being horizontal in orientation, rather than vertical. Oval, emerald, marquise - you name it! The possibilities are endless allowing you to truly customize the look, reflecting your individuality.

Directionally Chic Tacori Engagement Ring Styles

What we love about this hot engagement ring trend:

  • Elongates the finger
  • Creates the illusion of a larger stone
  • It’s unique - not everyone is wearing one
  • Ability to stack with other rings

Directionally Chic

Handcrafted in California, Tacori just released a stunning set of directionally chic styles as an addition to their ‘Simply Tacori’ collection that we are going crazy over. The modern collection features oval, emerald, marquise, and pear shaped diamonds of horizontal orientation on various bands from rose gold to platinum. The addition of these directionally chic styles add contemporary versatility to the beautiful Tacori girl look.

The Pirouette

Love this look but afraid you won’t a few years down the road? Designer A. Jaffe showcased their knack for innovation and craftsmanship, bringing to life the pirouette ring. With the ability to twist the diamond from east - west back to traditional vertical, the flexibility is in your hands allowing your creative side to flourish.

Bottom line: We are simply loving this fresh, bold trend and know we will be seeing a lot more of it!

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