John Hardy Jewelry Care Guide

John Hardy Jewelry Well-Cared For, Fares Well!

If you take good care of your John Hardy jewelry, it will serve you well for years to come. A few simple and easy-to-follow “Do’s” and “Don’ts” can help you stay “on-point”:

1) “Date” your John Hardy jewelry. Take it to out to dinner and a movie, but don’t wear it to cook, clean, exercise or submerge it in water (like the pool, ocean or hot tub).
2)  Put your John Hardy jewelry on last as a final complement to your outfit…after all your lotions, potions and make-up have been applied.
3)  Wipe your John Hardy jewelry off after you’ve worn it, before putting it away. A soft cloth or chamois works just fine.
4)  Your John Hardy pieces should have a separate and distinct place of their own in your jewelry box.

Non-abrasive, non-bleach and non-abrasive mild cleansers work best for cleaning John Hardy sterling silver jewelry. As needed, a soft toothbrush can be used to gently brush away persistently dirty areas. Work quickly, so the pieces are not soaking for any length of time. John Hardy gold pieces will become brighter and shinier when washed in a diluted vinegar solution for 20 seconds. Use warm, soapy water to clean John Hardy jewelry adorned with gemstones.

John Hardy jewelry was meant to be worn…and enjoyed. A little TLC will keep you wearing and enjoying your John Hardy pieces for years!

  Cleaning Silver Jewelry
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