Diamond Stud Earrings - Timeless. Classic. Essential.

We've made it even easier for you to find the perfect diamond stud earrings for yourself or for a gift. On this page you'll find the most popular weights, color and clarity that are purchased by our clients. If you're looking for something a little bit more specific, at J.R.DUNN Jewelers we can assist you with with matching our wide selection of diamonds in different sizes, color and clarity. Studs are a must have for every woman. Sparkle and shine with our hand picked and paired diamond studs.

Big Diamond Studs

Looking for something a little larger? We've got you covered.

All About Diamond Studs

We've done the research, so you don't have to — Here's our answers to some of the most asked diamond stud earring questions.

How to choose the right pair of diamond studs.

What does total carat weight mean?

Diamonds are most commonly measured by their weight instead of their actual millimeter size. For a pair of studs, the total carat weight is for both diamonds together. I.E. 1 carat total weight studs are actually 0.50 carat diamonds each.

Why are the color and clarity of the diamonds offered here not higher?

The diamond studs we offer here are the best value and give you the biggest bang for your buck. The diamonds that are in our most popular category have a bit of warmth and may have some slightly visible inclusions, however not enough to sacrifice the beauty of the diamonds to the naked eye. While we suggest near colorless to colorless in diamond engagement rings, diamond studs are almost never looked at close enough that you would need something as perfect.Of course, if you want something higher in color or clarity, we have plenty of options to offer. Just chat or call us and one of our specialists will be happy to help fill your needs.

Are these diamond studs certified?

While these diamond studs do not come with a GIA lab report, they have been hand selected by our in store GIA graduate gemologist at a fair grade. We’re happy to back them with a written appraisal for your insurance company which we fully stand behind. If you would like a pair of diamonds with a lab report, we are happy to offer you an alternative pair with grading reports. However these will likely be at a higher price.

Why do you only offer diamonds in white gold?

We do suggest round brilliant cut diamonds set in white gold. The reason for this is that the reflection of the diamonds in white keeps a white diamond from appearing more yellow than it is. However the gold, diamond stud earrings are set in is a preference and we’re willing to accommodate your every desire.

What types of settings are available?

The way a diamond is set, impacts the look and wear of the diamond earring greatly. The classic basket setting is the most popular, they are slightly raised from the ear which can increase the visual size slightly. There is also the Martini setting, which sits closer to the ear, allowing less of a chance of the stud drooping. Our in-store designer has created an amazing new mounting called the 'essence' mounting, which allows the stud to sit closes to the ear as if the diamond were floating on your earlobe and gives very little to no movement on the ear.

Can I shower with my diamond studs?

We strongly suggest you don't wear your diamonds in the shower! No, it's not because your diamonds can get ruined. Soaps, lotions and shampoo all adhere to the back of the diamonds until their next cleaning. This means you'll lose a lot of sparkle until you get your earrings cleaned. We've compiled an extensive do's and don't about showering with you jewelry, just for you!

What is your upgrade policy on diamond stud earrings?

We like to say that diamond shrink over time. Not because they actually shrink, but because the more you look at them you will eventually want a larger pair. This is why we offer an amazing upgrade policy on all of our diamond solitaire earrings that we hope you take advantage of. When you feel your once, big pair of diamond stud earrings that you purchased from J.R. Dunn have become small diamond stud earrings, trade them in for a larger pair! We’ll give you the full, 100% exchange of what you paid for the diamond stud earrings you purchased from us towards a larger pair. This only applies on real diamond stud earrings and does not apply to lab grown diamonds. All we ask is that you purchase a pair for 25% higher price than the original ones you purchased.

Can I return the earrings if I’m not happy with them?

We want you to be happy! J.R.DUNN offers a robust 10 day return and exchange policy. All we ask is that the earrings be in the original condition. Call or chat with us if you’d like information on shipping returns to us.