South Florida Jewelry Repair and Custom Design

     South Florida Jewelry Repair

In many ways, we are our jewelry. Like us, our jewelry speaks and has a certain look. We have an emotional connection to our necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, whether we came to have them by self-purchase, got them as a gift or inherited them. Some are the picture of perfection, others…well,…they could use a little work. That’s where the jewelry repair and custom design professionals at J.R. Dunn Jewelers come in!

J.R. Dunn: A Trusted Name in Jewelry Cleaning and Repair

We want you to know that we understand not only how you feel about your jewelry, but all about jewelry, too, from gold to precious stones, semi-precious stones, pearls, diamonds and more. People from all over south Florida trust us with their most precious gems (we love the word-of-mouth referrals they deliver!). Because they know us and the quality of our work and professional team. The safety and security of your jewelry is our #1 priority; that’s why all work is done on-site by our talented team.

Our Custom Design Team Makes Dreams a Reality

Led by award-winning jewelry designer Robert Pelliccia, the four-person custom-design team at J.R. Dunn has combined experience of 80 years. They work at our in-house design studio and manufacturing facility using the latest and greatest in design and production technology, including CAD with RTM machine and laser welder. If you can imagine it, they can create it! See about your own one-of-a-kind piece today…

Service The Way You Want It

We can size your ring, replace your clasp and solder your chain –request a rush if you can't be without it for a special occasion!

You Love It, You Can Leave It

For complex repairs and Rolex watch overhauls that will take a longer period of time, we want you to feel at ease leaving your jewelry with us. Rest assured, we’ll treat it as if it were our own. And we won’t perform any work without your go-ahead. We’ll prepare a quote for each repair order, including an estimated time of completion, for your approval.

Expert Repair Services

We’ll restore, refinish and redesign. We are also specialists in:
• Restringing pearls
• Retipping Prongs
• Repairing chains, bracelets, safety chains, chains and claws
• Replacing ring shanks
• Fitting new clasps
• Soldering charms
• Resetting and replacing stones
• Cleaning gemstones
• Polishing jewelry
• Plating Rhodium
…and more.

Call 1-954-782-5000 or Email us about our jewelry repair services today.

Visit us today with those pieces of jewelry that are sitting in your draw; they deserve to be worn! Lost an earring? We’ll match it. Don’t like what you see? We’ll redesign it. Need a repair? We can fix it! All our work is guaranteed!